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To place an order for Neocutis products contact Blain or Dana

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Neocutis is a medical grade skin care line. Your skin changes over time, it is important to enhance and protect your investment.

Neocutis medical grade skin care contains a blend of human growth factors and skin nourishing proteins. It works underneath the skins surface by building collagen and hyaluronic acid. This in turn, benefits the the outer surface of the skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refines texture and moisturizes for a more radiant look. If you would like more information about Neocutis, contact the BüDe Team today!

For more information about Neocutis visit the website

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Looking for comfortable, stylish clothing? Search no more. Savvi provides an array of fit, everyday and luxe styles to choose from. Savvi empowers you to style your world (especially now, during this COVID-19 pandemic) Whether you are working out, working from home or just hanging out, Savvi is a one stop shop to make you feel good inside and out.

To order Savvi products click on the link: savvi.com/botoxinjector/shop

Want to earn an extra income? Join the Savvi Team!!! By becoming a Savvi Brand Partner, you become part of a team of women who support and encourage each other.

To join the Savvi team click on the link: savvi.com/botoxinjector/join-savvi

Any questions about Savvi contact BüDe Aesthetics

502.694.0761 Or Blain_dana@budeaesthetics.com


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